Profile PictureWelcome to I’mperfect Life! A sited dedicated to letting go of perfection to create a happy, healthy lifestyle!  

I’m Andrea Matthes, the creator IPL, that’s me in the before and now.

I’ve lost 164lbs with a jump start from gastric bypass surgery followed by a complete lifestyle overhaul that started with “Letting Go of Perfection” learning to focus on: REAL FOOD. REAL FITNESS. REAL LIFE. REAL SUCCESS.

These days I’m a badass whole foods cook, kickass personal trainer, and an anti-hardass when it comes to being perfect.

Join me and the thousands of others who are learning to let go of perfection and embrace your own I’mperfect Life!

Get the IPL Quick Start Guide for Creating a Happy, Healthy Lifestyle by clicking HERE!

I love my ugly body Have you seen my viral post, 10+ Reasons I Love My Ugly Body? 

This post has changed the lives of 100’s of thousands of men and women all over the world by changing their perspective. 

My own mind-shift allowed me to see the value of my body far beyond its looks and truly appreciate it for what it allows me to do…live a life of freedom.

I hope to help you do the same!

<3 Andrea


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